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Easy Care Carpet

Thanks to modern technology, you've got several beautiful flooring choices that also happen to be durable, easy care carpet.

About Easy Care Carpet 


Some days it feels like your life is a series of unfortunate events and you're convinced there's a hidden camera capturing all of it. It starts with a puddle of orange juice in the family room and is quickly followed up with spilled coffee, an overturned bowl of fruit, and a muddy set of paw prints streaking down the hall. You're convinced there's zero chance you'll find an easy-to-clean carpet that can handle the level of mess your home routinely sees. 


In this case, we're happy to say that you're wrong! Thanks to the genius of modern technology, you've got several beautiful choices that also happen to be durable, easy care carpet.


What Are Easy-to-Clean Carpet Materials?


A key factor in determining whether a carpet is truly simple to maintain is the fiber's moisture resistance. If it repels liquid rather than absorbing it, you'll experience little to no staining and have no mold or mildew to contend with. This is a huge benefit for everyone, particularly those with a household that includes four-legged friends, active children, or messy hobbies.


Now you're probably wondering which fibers are impressively moisture resistant? The three most common ones are: 




Since easy care carpets are available in a variety of carpet styles and fiber materials, you've got a broad range of colors and patterns from which to choose! Are you shopping for new carpeting to install in the kids' bedrooms of your chic modern farmhouse? A synthetic polyester or nylon in a crisp, neutral hue will hold up to the little feet pattering in and out. Are you looking for luxurious yet easy-to-clean carpet for your sun-filled family room's long-awaited upgrade? Cozy wool carpets resist fading and give you peace of mind and low-effort care for years to come. 


Are Easy Care Carpets Durable? 


Durability is largely based on how resilient the carpet fibers are, coupled with how the carpet itself is constructed. When it comes to easy-to-clean carpet, they're usually made of wool, nylon, or polyester—all of which are notably durable. 


If you're carpeting areas that are constantly seeing a lot of foot traffic, like living rooms and hallways, your best bets are wool and nylon. For the basement, family room, and other spaces where you know spilled drinks, wet shoes, or pet accidents are inevitable, consider polyester or wool, both of which can resist water and stains. 


Installation and Lifespan


Though it might be tempting, resist the urge to save a few bucks with a DIY installation. Professional installers have all the tools necessary, plus the experience required to tackle the tedious project quickly and efficiently. Your local Flooring America expert can also help you decide if your installation locations would benefit from moisture-proof or pet-proof carpet padding.


Though you can typically expect many years of comfort from all types of easy care carpets, it's worth noting that hearty wool carpets generally last longer than those made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. 


Other variables that help determine the longevity of your home's new carpet include: 




When we're talking about easy care carpet, you can bet the maintenance needs are minimal. In fact, the effort it takes is so low, weekly vacuuming could be the perfect chore for teaching your school-age children household responsibilities—plus, it's one less task on your to-do list! 


Along with running the sweeper regularly, make sure to properly clean any spills or accidents that may occur by following the manufacturer's instructions. Though easy-to-clean carpet is usually stain resistant, quickly tackling unexpected messes will help ensure a long lifespan for your new floors. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Care Carpet